That Sub Sahara Feeling

When visiting Ghana last February, there were some new discoveries I thoroughly enjoyed checking out which were the amazing Wii Waterfalls as well as the Monkey Sanctuary in the Volta regions.

Even visiting my Father’s birth town for the first time was overwhelming and emotional, to say the least.  Kedzi which means “at the top of the sand” has had a turbulent past.  The violent Atlantic Ocean caused serious erosion to the land, claiming the homes of many people who had to flee where the sea would not claim their new territory.

The prevalence of sea erosion can be seen with the former castle built by the Danish was associated with the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  Fort Prinzenstein is still visibly by the Keta coastline but most of the castle lies in ruins and deep in the sea.

Mainly staying in the capital Accra, the city presented a kaleidoscope of kindness, colours, and vibrancy, something that was a breath of fresh air especially when coming from the West and having enough of the daily grind and dreaded “rat-race” routine.


That Sub Sahara Feeling


By The Ghana VPE