The Ghana Volta Paradise Experience (The Ghana VPE) is committed to making the traveler’s Volta experience a memory that will last a lifetime.  We guarantee to fulfill this promise by delivering to tourism and hospitality services in the Volta region, available at your fingertips and accessible to all our domestic and international clientele.

The Ghana VPE ensures to continue to uphold and implement the Ghanaian Government and Ghanaian Tourism Board’s strategic visions to achieve a per capita income of USD $1000 by 2015 in which the country has greatly accomplished.  Today, travel and tourism has contributed GH¢4.5 billion to Ghana’s economy in 2015.[i]

and to ensure sustainable tourism development that welcomes creating an environment to implement quality tourism facilities and services for the travelling public, thereby positively promoting tourism to become the leading sector of Ghana’s economy.

The Ghana VPE is devoted to providing premiere service to all clients. Whether individuals or small groups, great attention will be paid to every detail to ensure that VPE will meet client’s specific travel and tourism needs.

The Ghana VPE are steadfast in resurrecting an idyllic, hidden gem that has lain dormant and undiscovered in the Volta Regions and the many treasures that are awaiting discovery.  VPE plans to connect the traveler’s missing dots to a part of Ghana that is strongly under valued and its beauty worthy to be praised.

As un-appointed ambassadors of the Volta Region, The Ghana VPE core values endeavor to:

  • Look after Number 1 – Our Clients: The Ghana VPE seek to curb our client’s hunger and satisfy their curiosity with our exclusive custom made itineraries and tour packages.  Whether you are looking for a one day, an intensive 7-day itinerary tour, to a personal chauffeur, VPE will deliver the service you deserve that will to fulfill your vacation needs.  With an assortment of transportation routes on offer, the Volta regions will only be a stone’s throw away
  • Do Right By YOU – The Ghana VPE promise to deliver a quality service that at the same time will promise to educate and create awareness to each individual that comes into contact with our business endeavors. VPE guarantee our client’s urge to spread the word among friends, family and loved ones to embark on the VPE experience that will fabricate a lifetime of beautiful memories.
  • Blossom with Entrepreneurial Spirit – The Ghana VPE aim to become pioneers through creating a notable tourism platform within the Volta Regions of Ghana, West Africa that will create jobs for the local people who are the backbone of the Volta Region’s society and through The Ghana VPE presence, to be affiliated with sponsorship and local projects that assist in the development, maintenance and sustainability of local Volta Region communities.
  • Provide Ease of Convenience – The Ghana VPE will uphold their commitment to providing a service that oozes reliability for client’s business and pleasure purposes in the aim of reaping highly attractive financial returns and to further explore and implement opportunities that will continue to serve our existing and potential clientele.
  • Place Ghana on the Map Globally – The Ghana VPE primary focus to serve the Volta Regions will allow each Volta community to share its rich history and combined this with Ghana’s existing tourism.
  • Become the No 1 Industry Sector – The Ghana VPE not only plans to extend its tour services to the south east coastal and interior areas of Ghana, but will also encompass southern Togo and western Benin, embracing all Gbe, Fon and Aja ethnic speaking groups. This alone will contribute to a significant bulk of revenue thus expediting its ranking to be the number one industry sector and will constitute to sprinklings of fun and enjoyment to the variety of itinerary tours, excursions and private transportation services that VPE intend to bring to each individual client.


By The Ghana VPE

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